Data Center Operations

Our core business is diverse running crypto mining servers using our proprietary heat management systems to cut operational cost and improve effectiveness and efficiencies is one of many activities we do. CRYPTOMECHTECH INC. in the future will be a public traded company that is redefining electronics heat management through the application of our 2-phase liquid cooling systems. We intend to support the cryptocurrency space with value-adding products and services.

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Cryptocurrency Hobbyist Miner

Consultancy and technical advice are available for the mining hobbyist that are facing the decision of shutting down their operations due to low or negative profits.

Small Industrial Cryptocurrency Miner

Less than 20-MegaWatt data center operators can use our heat management and energy conservation technologies to reduce their operational cost and increase their profit margins by leveraging CRYPTOMECHTECH's heat and energy management expertise.

Working Process


Renewable energy STORAGE

Renewable energy storage systems and components for liquid cooling technologies.


Manufacture renewable energy systems

Manufacture renewable energy systems which includes battery packs that are purpose-built for liquid cooling solutions.



Miniaturized 2-phase liquid cooling systems for compact electronics systems temperature control.









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