About Us

About Us

CRYPTOMECHTECH INC. is a corporation that is a knowledge-based all things cryptocurrency-related research and development organization. Founded in 2019, mining since 2013. Our business focus is on R&D on our propriety heat management systems and mining cryptocurrencies. The R&D we are involved in and are planning to do include:

Developing our proprietary

Developing our proprietary 2-phase liquid immersion cooling coefficient of improvement systems.

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Air-cooled data center consultancy

Air-cooled data center consultancy for liquid cooling retrofitting as well as manufacturing, leasing, and selling the 2-phase liquid immersion cooling systems.


Renewable energy storage system components

Renewable energy storage system components manufacturing focusing on energy storage systems involving high duty cycle lithium-ion battery packs liquid cooling systems design and retrofitting air-cooled battery packs for liquid cooling systems.

R&D of miniaturized

R&D of miniaturized 2-phase liquid immersion cooling systems for compact electronic systems temperature control. For instance, Electric Vehicle (EV) systems.

R&D crypto mining servers

R&D crypto mining servers for liquid cooling systems. Manufacturing Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)hardware purpose-built for 2-phase immersion cooling and obsolete air-cooled ASIC server liquid cooling systems retrofitting.

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