Hasher Master 1,000 battery

  • Battery Box Dimensions: Maximum Outside Height 14.594 inches, Maximum Outside Length 18.594 inches, and Maximum Outside Width 9.5 inches.
  • Battery Box Weight Without Cells: 38.6 pounds (17.5 kg).
  • Battery Box Weight With LG Model LGDBB31865 (392 Cells): 79 pounds (35.8 kg).
  • Capacity With LG Model LGDBB31865 (392 Cells): 1,019.2 Amp Hours (Ah)
  • Watt-hours if configured for 25.9 nominal VDC: 26,397.28 ) Watt Hours (Wh)
  • Internal Battery Management System (BMS) for safe battery operation and cell balancing.
  • Active cooling system for maintaining safe battery temperatures under heavy loads.
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We offer modular renewable energy storage systems at a reasonable price Built for mining crypto, this renewable energy storage system has many applications for off-grid power solutions not just mining cryptocurrencies. We sell renewable energy storage systems to all that are interested. This design is one of many efforts to bring the cost of mining cryptocurrencies down by reducing the cost of electricity. The stackable design allows for batteries to be arranged without expensive shelving. For example, two 24VDC units can be stacked on top of each other. The individual cells used can selected to allow for higher Amp Hour (Ah) applications for instance, using 3.6 amp 18650 Li-ion cells would increase the Ah for this battery to 1,411 Ah.